Writing Services

WTT4Laura Moore offers a wide range of writing services through Worth the Ticket in both content creation and content editing. Services include proofreading, content, line, and copy editing, research, and ghostwriting services.

Laura will work with you to analyze your work and determine the best direction for your project. Together, you will decide on a course of action that will bring your project to life to its fullest potential. Writing is a deeply personal pursuit, and Laura will work hard to ensure that throughout the entire process, your vision and voice remain intact.

For more information, rates, and quotes, please contact info@worththeticket.com.

“Laura is a not only a gifted editor, but an equally talented writer and researcher. I am approaching 645,000 followers as an Influencer for LinkedIn in large part due to support from Laura.” – Jacki Zehner, CEO, Women Moving Millions