Brooklyn Nine-Nine Shines

There’s nothing more fun to watch than a television show that grows into its promise and potential; churning out ever stronger episodes as the season progresses. Such is the case with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the many new television shows that debuted last fall, and easily my favourite of the season so far. However, it took awhile for this show to earn that crown, because it wasn’t high on my list of new season prospects back in September, and the pilot did not do a very good job of forecasting the brilliant comedy that would later unfold. Instead, the show grew organically, growing into its characters and premise, and crafting episodes that just got better as they went along, proving that first impressions aren’t always correct.

Set in the fictional 99th precinct of the New York City Police Department, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a workplace comedy in line with The Office, and as such, it is populated with a wonderfully eclectic assortment of characters. Every episode has cases to be solved, and there is the occasional police chase, but at its heart, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a character driven show, with most of its comedy coming from the relationships between the characters and their oddball personalities. The cast is headed up by Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live and The Lonely Island fame and Andre Braugher from Homicide: Life on the Streets, but there isn’t a weak link to found among the supporting players, including Melissa Fumero’s wonderfully uptight and neurotic Detective Santiago, Stephanie Beatriz’s hilariously deadpan and prone to outbursts Detective Diaz, Terry Crews’ commanding yet soft-hearted Sergeant Jeffords, and Joe Lo Truglio’s food obsessed Detective Boyle. And then there’s Chelsea Peretti who steals every scene she’s in as Gina, the precinct’s civilian administrator who has a talent for avoiding work and is armed with lethal one liners.

Taken together, this cast is one of the most diverse casts on television, and not only do they all work incredibly well off of each other, but every character has become more and more defined throughout the season. Clearly the writers are having a ball with each character’s neurosis and eccentricities. Earlier this year Brooklyn Nine-Nine took home two Golden Globe Awards, including Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, which gives me hope that despite its lukewarm ratings, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back for a second season of hilarity, character quirks, and laugh out loud moments. In the meantime, I’ll be savouring the four remaining episodes of this season and keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Colleen Patrick

    Thanks, Laura! Excellent recap. Both Michael and I agree. Keeping our fingers crossed for next season.

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