Back in the World of Sundance

Last year I attended the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and it was truly an amazing experience. After ten days, 13 films, and countless fascinating conversations, I emerged from my first major film festival experience inspired beyond words by the amazing movies I had seen, the dedication of the filmmakers I had met, and the many incredible performances I had witnessed. However, more than anything, I was inspired by the stories that were told in the films I attended. From button-pushing documentaries, to hilarious comedies, to poignant coming of age tales, the 13 films I saw each had something important to say about the worlds they were inhabiting and the people and characters present within them. Storytelling is powerful, no matter what the medium, and to see so many incredible stories in such a short period of time was nothing short of overwhelming.

Today marks the start of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and a whole new slate of stories to discover. Many of the films I saw last year went on to become critical darlings, box office success stories, and/or garner many awards and nominations, and this year’s line up of films looks just as promising. There are so many movies that I want to see and so many new talents to discover; I can’t wait to get started. My festival-going is starting off with a bang, as I have three films lined up for tomorrow from three wildly different genres, with many more to come. It’s going to be ten days of films, filmmakers, and film enthusiasts, and hopefully, many great stories that will stay with me for years to come.


  1. Sarah

    Can’t wait to hear all about it. Still waiting to see Don Jon from last year. Enjoy and know that I am green with envy over here in our sweltering heat.

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