Frozen’s Big Number

Last week I finally saw Disney’s new animated film, Frozen, and I was thrilled to discover a new Disney classic that I will undoubtedly be re-watching for years to come. Gorgeously animated with delightfully written characters, this film is beautiful, heartwarming, and unexpectedly hilarious. It manages to completely indulge in the entire Disney princess motif, while at the same time revelling in this motif’s absurdity and deconstructing the concept as a whole, because at its core, Frozen is a celebration of the power, strength, and complexity of sisterhood and the bonds of female friendship. A tall order for an animated family film, but Frozen achieves just that; all with a wink and a smile, and quite possibly one of the most joyously innocent and blissfully free from cynicism characters to ever grace the big screen. I dare anyone with a heart to not become immediately enamoured with Olaf the snowman.

Based on the fairy tale, The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Andersen, Frozen tells the story of the relationship between two sisters: Elsa, the queen of Arendelle who has had to hide her magical powers her whole life, and Anna, her younger sister who doesn’t know about Elsa’s abilities and can’t understand why her sister has shut the world out. When Elsa’s powers are inadvertently revealed, she decides it’s time to stop hiding and let her powers run free. As this is a Disney film, Frozen is chock full of amazing songs, but none come close to “Let It Go”, the soaring anthem that Elsa belts out as she discovers the freedom of finally being able to be herself after so many years of hiding. It doesn’t hurt that Elsa is voiced by Idina Menzel, a Broadway veteran with one of the most powerful singing voices in show business today, and when that voice is combined with the music and lyrics of songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the result is nothing short of magical.

This song is by far my favourite moment in the film, because while Elsa sings about letting go of the past and embracing her abilities, she begins to test just exactly how far her powers can go; using her ability to freeze to create a magnificent fortress of ice in the mountains overlooking her kingdom. It’s an exhilarating sequence, made even more wondrous when you realize that you’re watching someone fully come into their own and finally believing in what makes them special and unique. Ultimately, “Let It Go” is a beautiful song that is a breathtaking and soaring celebration of one woman’s power, and I for one have been singing it non-stop the past few days. Seriously. My play count on iTunes is well over 50 and it hasn’t even been a week.


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