Why No Wonder Woman?

About two years ago I was asked by my cousin, Jacki Zehner, to write a report on Wonder Woman. I was asked to research her publication history, her stories over the years, and the history of superheroes in general. In particular, I was asked to investigate why a Wonder Woman film had failed to materialize after over a decade of development. Two years later, countless hours spent searching the far reaches of the Internet, and half a dozen drafts later, this report is finally finished, and it’s being released today to coincide with the release of Kristy Guevara-Flanagan’s documentary Wonder Women! The Untold History of American Superheroines on PBS.

I did not read comic books while I was growing up, and my knowledge of superheroes at the time I was asked to write this report was wholly based on the dozen or so Hollywood films that I had seen up to that point. Nevertheless, I dove wholeheartedly into this project, and over the next two years I discovered the amazing artistic medium of comic books and the characters to be found within their pages. I read about superheroes, their stories, history, flaws, and achievements, I marvelled at the gorgeous artwork and beautiful renderings, and I became invested in the complex story lines that spanned decades. Above all else, I discovered a character who was fearless, intelligent, resourceful, independent, strong, capable, and determined; in short, everything to which I aspire, and in Wonder Woman I found a role model who stands for justice, truth, and peace.

Today this report goes out into the world, and it is my hope that it brings Wonder Woman fans together, and more importantly, proves to Hollywood that there is a market for a Wonder Woman feature film. Superheroes have never been more popular at the box office, and it is time for Wonder Woman to get her due.

To read the report, please click on the link below, or visit the Writings page of this site.

Why No Wonder Woman?

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  1. Jordan Shaw

    I think I would only want a Wonder Woman film if it were made by Joss Whedon. I’m not sure there’s another writer out there who could do her justice.

    Except for possibly you!

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