Delighted with Chuck

During the summer and fall of 2007 my job took me to over a dozen cities around the country, and everywhere I went, billboards and posters for the new television season jostled for attention. One ad campaign stood out simply for the sheer volume of posters that seemed to paper every city and town I visited. Everywhere I looked, a plain white poster featuring a young guy, with hair slightly askew, wearing an appropriately nerdy uniform and an expression of “Opps” on his face, stared down at me as I navigated unfamiliar roads, silently cursing these cities that seemed devoid of any identifiable pattern of street signage. This was the marketing campaign for the TV show Chuck, and for reasons I can’t remember, I didn’t tune into its premiere, although I’m pretty sure my job schedule had something to do with it. I haven’t tuned in for the past five years either, as I am slightly neurotic about watching shows from the beginning, but over the holidays I finally gave in to the constant stream of people insisting that I absolutely had to watch this show, and I went out and rented the first season. Now it’s my turn to say “Opps”.

As a fan of espionage, action, smart comedy, and all things nerdy, my friends were right in that Chuck is a show seemingly created just for me. Its brand of humour is right up my alley, and the action is exactly the type of zany, slightly implausible, yet wholly entertaining and just plain fun sequences that I appreciate in movies and television alike. Throw in a loveable set of oddball characters, lead actor Zachary Levi’s impeccable comic timing, and a character nicknamed Captain Awesome, and I have officially joined the Chuck fan club. Not to mention that as a fan of Firefly, I’m always thrilled when its alumni find other shows to keep them on TV, and therefore it was wonderful to discover where Adam Baldwin has been hiding all of these years.

After devouring the first season in a mere couple of days, I have discovered that Chuck is sadly coming to an end later this month. January 27th to be exact, which means I have exactly 23 days to locate the previous three seasons and get caught up. My job usually makes it impossible to watch primetime television in primetime, but I am determined to watch the finale live and support a show that has managed to consistently make me laugh at a time when the chaos of the holidays threatened to overwhelm. My friends who pushed me to watch Chuck tell me that season two is where the show really finds its footing and takes off, and if that’s true, I have a pretty awesome three weeks ahead of me.

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