Sold on Cough Syrup

The band Young the Giant came to my attention when their song “My Body” began to get a solid chunk of airplay on rock radio stations earlier this year. I loved the song immediately, and I have since been known to dance around the kitchen to its infectious beat more than once while cooking dinner. Actually, if I’m being honest, I would dance around the kitchen while unwrapping more than one take out meal, but the fact remains that I was instantly hooked on the song. Yet as much as I liked it, I’m always hesitant to fully invest in a band after one hit single, because more often then not, they have one hit and then are never heard from again. Sadly, this is often not due to the quality of the band, but rather the way the music industry has evolved, but that is another topic entirely. As much as I loved “My Body”, I was holding off on buying Young the Giant’s full album until I heard more. Yesterday, while stuck in traffic, I heard their second single, “Cough Syrup”, and now I’m sold.

It might have been the all encompassing lyrics that reference everything from fish to zombies that sold me, or the fact that singer Sameer Gadhia’s voice has a whimsical quality that is irresistible. The fact that the music video features synchronized swimmers sealed the deal. “Cough Syrup” is a great follow up to “My Body” that proves Young the Giant is just as adept at writing melodic ballads as they are writing pounding rock songs. The rest of their album may not be very good, but judging from their first two singles I highly doubt it, and I’m more than willing to find out. Additionally, after their high energy performance at the MTV Music Video Awards in August, I’m willing to buy a ticket the next time they come into town. Besides, any band who starts a song with “Life’s too short to even care at all” has my vote. Sure they could mean something altogether depressing with that statement, but when you’re stuck in gridlock traffic, it’s just the reminder you need.

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