Worth the Ticket?

I have been an avid entertainment junkie my whole life, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling when you discover something good. Or better yet, something great. Whether it’s the movie that stays with you for weeks after you see it, the television show to which you’re addicted and wait for each new episode with eager anticipation every week, or the concert that you know you’ll remember forever, truly great entertainment stays with you. It can be a dance number that leaves you breathless at the power of the human body, or the theatre piece that leaves you stunned at the power of words. It can be the paintings or sculptures that you know art students will be studying centuries from now as the masterpieces of today, all the way to the two minute Youtube clip that is so clever, you just have to show everyone at work. These are what I love to discover; it’s why I go to the movies, read book after book, jostle for position in a mosh pit, or search the Internet until my eyes hurt, because when you find something that is truly special, it’s magic.

The world of entertainment is a vast space, filled with an unending stream of stories, characters, and works of art just waiting to be discovered. And some of them are truly worth being discovered, whether they are great works of art, or simply just good for a laugh. I’ve spent my life in pursuit of the ones that are worthwhile, and now I’m ready to share. Stay tuned to find out what in my opinion, is “Worth the Ticket” in entertainment.


  1. Heidi Shaw

    WooHoo – I just wanted to be the first to comment and say “go girl!” also, you are worth the ticket so if I need to send you one to come see us some time, just let me know:) I’ll keep the kettle on! Can’t wait to see what your musings are…

  2. jacki zehner

    Oh bummer. I wanted to be the first one!! Love it Laura. Great name for the blog. GREAT. Well worth the ticket was the live show of “So You Think You Can Dance.” Left us breathless. Allie loooovvvveeed it. hugs.

  3. Gary M

    Hi dear, great launch of the site. I love the Muppets also so I wonder where you got it from? 🙂 There is so much to cover from films, books, TV to music so you should not be short of topics.

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