My whole life has been spent in the arts. Whether it was growing up in a theatre or the movies that shaped my childhood; the music that was the soundtrack of my adolescence or the various mediums that now make up my career; art and entertainment have been the foundation of who I am for as long as I can remember. From the shared experience of watching a great film in a packed theatre, or that page turning book that keeps you up at night, those are the moments you remember as the time you discovered a great work of art.

Yet art and entertainment can be so much more. A film can shed light on tough social issues, theatre can spark the imagination as to the possibilities of live performance, paintings become historical record, poetry can inspire a generation, music can change people’s lives, and a simple dance move can electrify a nation. Art is culture, and it is a reflection of civilization, both the good and the bad. At its best, art can change the world. I truly believe that.

However, not everything is so serious, as most entertainment is created for exactly that: entertainment. And that’s just fine, because sometimes a good popcorn movie is exactly what the mind needs after a hard day. Yet, with the seemingly unlimited entertainment options available, sorting the good from the bad is often the hardest part.

There is a lot of brilliant entertainment out there: movies, books, music, and Youtube videos that are so well written, deftly crafted, or wonderfully clever, that they deserve to be noticed. This site is here to give notice; to tell people about what’s good in entertainment now, what may have been missed in years past, and to pay tribute to those using art as a force for good in the world. From the mainstream to the little known indie artists, the choices are endless. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find those hidden gems that are truly worth the ticket.